Creating Excellence in Board Leadership

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Value-based Leadership

Effective boards are characterized by clearly articulated values!

Once identified and recorded …

1. Board-level subjects should pass through the grid work of values
2. Relationships of board members in meetings are framed by values
3. Discussions and decisions are guided by values
4. Values guard against personal agendas and politics
5. Management or staff should be influenced by board values
6. Stakeholders should view the board in the context of its values

What are values? They are descriptions of worth; qualities on which the board depends; a narrative of how the board works collectively; a clear context for the board’s role as strategic thinkers.

Examples are helpful.

Character: in every endeavor we commit to be honest, truthful and trustworthy. Irreproachable conduct encompasses the working relationship in every venture and serves as a model for each client. Dependability is a staple of rapport.
Excellence: every project is entitled to exemplary work. We pledge to provide peerless achievement commensurate with our skills.
Unity: in mission and vision unanimity prevails. In function, the collective wisdom of the group exceeds the wisdom of any individual.

When properly defined, owned and articulated, values can serve as change agents for the entire organization. They can act as guardians against the tendency boards have to drift away from good governance and regress to ineffective attempts at management.

As the board conducts an annual review of its performance (an upcoming blog subject), it should include an evaluation of how well it adhered to its values.

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