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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Communication - It Requires Trust!

Everyone talks about the importance of good communication. No marriage, family, organization, staff or board can succeed without it. The better communication becomes the more fertile the setting for achievement. All groups dispense information, throw popular clich├ęs around the room, dole out opinions; even toss a few ideas into the mix. But few enjoy an unencumbered exchange of values or risk the expression of feelings, failures and confession.

The deepest and most constructive forms of communication flourish in an environment of trust. In fact, it can be said that one way to judge the effectiveness of any group, boards in particular, is to observe the level at which communication occurs. High levels of trust encourage stronger forms communication. The more effective communication becomes the more fertile the context for success.

What builds trust at the board level?

Appropriate time and means for orientation – every board member profits here
Social time outside of meetings – learning about one another happens here
Expressing questions and concerns must be encouraged – feelings are linked here
Use sub-team assignments – melding skills here benefits the larger board context
Understand varied personality traits and chemistry – greater wisdom is found here
Periodic evaluation of board performance – ask about trust and acceptance here

Arguably, trust isn’t taught, it’s grown. It is a by-product, a result, an outcome. Don’t expect it to be permanent; it is an illusive commodity that requires constant attention and continual nurturing.

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